Courses, Training & Licensing for Ministry Leaders

Destination Legacy Academy

Ministry Training

DLLA Ministry Training Courses

Whether you are seeking training to meet requirements within your own church or ministry, or you would like to be licensed as a minister with GHMI, you can accomplish those goals in 2-8 months.

  • Ministry Overview - DLLA 101 preliminary ministry courses

  • 5-Fold Leadership DLLA 201 Advanced certification course

  • Ministry Gifts DLLA 103 In-Depth study of all Gifts for Ministry

Development courses

Advance your leadership skills or prepare to fulfill your calling in one of the 5-Fold leadership positions in Ephesians Ch. 4. Supplement and support your education no matter what your leadership path is.

Teaching Resources

Supplement the teachings you offer through these resources and subjects. Whether you are learning to support your own gifts and callings or to help others in there's, we've done the work for you.

  • Teaching the Tough Topics series for church leaders and pastors.

  • Teach or learn the Overcoming series for all pastors, leaders or coaches.

  • Teach or Learn the Thesis Writing course - student or teaching versions


Maintain Training Requirements for Local Ministries or
Receive Licensing with Glory House Ministries, Inc.